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Fuji Symphony of Peace Prayers Live Webcast

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The Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP), an event in which people from different faiths and cultures come together to pray for peace, was first held in May 2005 at Fuji Sanctuary in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

In the first part of the program, prayer leaders from a variety of faiths and spiritual traditions (Shintoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc.), lead the participants in a peace prayer representing their respective tradition. Everyone joins in offering prayers of the various faiths, creating a beautiful symphony of prayers, transcending religious differences.

The second half of the program is a prayer ceremony calling for peace in each country and region on earth using the national flag of each country. Today, 194 colorful national flags are graciously presented on stage, while the participants recite together “May peace be in (name of country)” , in the country’s national language(s) (see note below). 

With a special program, the 2015 SOPP will be the largest and most significant one yet, featuring the inauguration of the Fuji Declaration.

The Fuji Declaration is a charter for a new spiritual civilization for a sustainable future. When all the participants recite the Declaration together, each individual's breath infuses the Declaration. 

Over the past 10 years, the SOPP has spread throughout the world, with over 50 countries taking part in ceremonies and prayer gatherings. 
This year, on May 17, large numbers of people will gather around the globe and join in their prayers with the Fuji Sanctuary. 

The event will be broadcasted live, on ustream, and we invite you to be part of this year’s ceremony online, while sending your prayers for peace on earth. The peaceful vibrations emanating from our prayers have the power to heal the earth and all living things.

Note: The program booklet and peace prayers offered at this year’s ceremony are available at the following websites.